Touchless solutions

Use gesture recognition to let the user interact with application seamlessly. Be part of the touchless revolution!

Interactive information

Enhance the user experience by displaying information in new and exciting ways based on the motions of the user.

Other services

Web-, mobile- (android), development as well as backend development in: Node.js, Python, Scala (Java) and much more.

We love new challenges

At Dexvii we enjoy building new ways for people to interact with technology and we always strive to learn new things.
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We want to help you to either use our existing motion capture platform solutions for your particular problem or implementing custom solutions. We build our software using open standards to create robust software of high quality.

We are also providing our knowledge (consulting) in the fields of:

About us

Dexvii, is developing a scalable platform for analyzing human motion to help people visualize and make sense of how humans interact with the world.

The information age is upon us and new exiting technology is incorporated into our everyday life with ever so increasing speed. It is important that the interaction with technical gadgets is done as seamlessly and intuitive as possible. One of our goals is to develop a scalable platform for analyzing human motion, using motion capture sensors, to help people to visualize and make sense of how humans interact with the world.

The possibility to incorporate intuitive and visual striking ways to both interact and display digital media in new ways has always been very interesting to us. To basically connect with your technical gadgets by simply interact with them as you would with another human being. The sheer thought of interacting with technical gadgets as seamlessly and intuitive as possible in order to erase the barriers between man and machine has always excited us.

The Team


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